The first English reviews of Officier in Afghanistan have been published. I may not have an English literary agent yet, but the sample translations have been picked up by bloggers who are just as enthousiastic as the Dutch reviewers. Like the Dutch readers, they also have to laugh about it, although not always for the same reasons.  Milblogger CDR Salamander:

Working in an international environment is enlightening in many aspects, one of which is that you quickly realize that national stereotypes exist for a reason – they are more often than not accurate. […] The following excerpt is from the 2012 book ‘Officier in Afghanistan’ (‘An Officer in Afghanistan’), written by LCOL Esmeralda Kleinreesink (RNLAF). It makes me laugh, and anyone who has worked with the Dutch will get a giggle out of it – or cuss.

Damn, I have turned into a Dutch cliché! But a fairly good cliché, as one of the commenters notes:

I also worked with Dutch MPA folks at CTF-57 in early 00s. They were awesome — very professional and focused on the mission. But very blunt.

I think the Dutch can live with that.

More English sample translations can be found on the download page.

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