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Every review is nice to get, but some feel even more special than others. Last week, I got a very special one.

In the acknowledgement of Officier in Afghanistan and in a blog, I have made no secret of my admiration for Robert McKee. He is a writing teacher who can truly be called a guru. Therefore it was wonderful to be recommended in his weekly newsletter:


What Writers are Saying about Robert McKee:

[…] ‘a great read’ is hard work, but can definitely be learned. For me, two books and a course were crucial in this learning process. The course is the famous (or better: infamous) Robert McKee seminar, the Hollywood script doctor. […] In his seminar he teaches a whole life of writing experience in four days.”

“[…] Robert McKee who has taught me during his seminar to use subtext and who is able to clearly express and analyse what makes a really good story. Every time I got stuck and thought: why doesn’t this chapter work, I only had to do a value change analysis to understand what was missing.”


Esmeralda Kleinreesink Author (Officier in Afghanistan)

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